Velvet Moon Eyeshadow

Hello Guys :)

Imma make it short again.
The Idea behind this was to do a more textured Eyeshadow to have more realistic results, i really like how it turned out.
Pasting in a sparkling texture from google was to complicated, so i tried it on my own and found some neat actions and filters in gimp to use for it, took me maybe 10 minutes to figure it out, haha :)

This is my 10th Eyeshadow. I've been doing them for more then one year now and i can't believe that i didn't gave up on making cc yet XD

My Graphics look more detailled also as you can see, i can really recommend S-Club's Hq-Mod!

- 3 rec. Areas
- Looks best with black in the base and something colourful in the second channel, the third channel gives a sparkling effect in white

CC on my Model:
Skintone; Eyes; Lips; Hair; Eyebrows; Blush, Overlay Blush; Jewelry is from S-Club and NataliS

Hello, I am Milica(more known under my sim name Serafina). I am 16 years old and addicted to the sims 3 game. Most of the time, I create sims, hair retextures, studios, houses and sometimes poses. If you have any questions or requests ask in the section "Ask here" or through our email.

Hi simmmers, my name is Azra(Ella). I am sims 3 sim and pose creator. Hope you like my creations.

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