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Good afternoon everyone, yes it's Serafina after 3 months of complete silence I am opening my mouths again. So, I made some new hair retexture .

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Soft&Vintage Actions by Mademoiselle Barbara

Hi everyone!This is my first try to make actions so If there are bugs - don't hate me. x)

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Holiday Gift Part Two by Mademoiselle Barbara

Hi simmers!As I said yesterday stay tuned!Today I made realistic eyebrows and blush with pores.I hope you'll like them.

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Holiday Gift Part One from Mademoiselle Barbara

Hey guys!I decided to make a little holiday gift for everyone who follows our site or just download from this site.Thank you for downloads and stay tuned because part two will be very soon!

(click on picture to see bigger photo)

They are my first eyebrows and I'm so proud of them.
They are recolorable and they are not very big (use sliders if you want them to be bigger)

The lipsticks is finally fully recolorable.I got some problems with CTU so I started to work in Workshop and it's amazing .They are high quality so even on low graphic settings they'll look good.


 - If you prefer lipsticks without gloss,I suggest you this one.It is                                                                           similar to my newest but without gloss.(DOWNLOAD)

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Sell Me Candy - Dress

>inserts meaningful, personal reallife story here, that nobody gives a crap about<

Hi all!

 Let's skip the typical talk this time, i understood that i'm selling downloads and not soap operas!
(Some comments would be nice though, i don't see a problem with saying thank you for one time..)

Sell Me Candy ~

-new mesh by me
-3D studded shirt because i faux the mainstream what
-fully handdrawn textures
-Morphable, except for the studs.. couldn't get them to work, ooops.
-2 premade designs (with and without stencil), - 3 recolorable areas

All Skintones by Ephemera; Hair by Store/PLB, NewSea/Beaverhausen, NewSea/Me; Glasses by Gosik, Earrings made by Various Artists


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3 cool texture lipsticks by Mademoiselle Barbara

Hi guys!I made some new lipsticks...I'm very sastified with these and I hope you will be to.
These are:Chess Table,Flower,Hazard Stripes.
If you have any problems with them comment here and I'll help you.
Please, do not claim as yours.

-mirror link-

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SGL Lipstick by Mademoiselle Barbara

Package file


I have some problems with my game and it doesn't want to render correctly and to high quality.The thing is that this lipstick looks good even in ultra-bad graphic settings.

(Click on picture for download)

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BASE USABLE SIM by Mademoiselle Barbara

                                     BASE USABLE SIM


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Hi simmers !

I'm so sorry for that I'm not active...So let me explain everything...
I have so much to do in school that sometimes I can't even log in here,on facebook or on tumblr...
Second thing was,I finally got some time and I made lipstick...So I tried it in game and nothing was showing ... So I think I need to ask someone who is professional to help me with that thing >.<
And than,I don't have inspiration for other things...The question is what I'm thinking about: Why will someone download sim? xD This is meaning that I'm switching on creating popular people(Lana Del Rey,Justin Bieber etc....)
Also I got some ideas and Serafina&Me are thinking about them....We will release something soon for them.
I also want to learn creating makeup.
And also Serafina&Me made photography page so feel free to check it out and apply If you want :D
We are searching for potential sims ( you can be popular or not,that doesn’t matter so apply)with unique,sexy,sweet etc. sims. (Male and female)


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Feint Lipstick by WhiteCrow

Hi ya'll.

I'm gonna have a free day tomorrow, so i'm already back home to upload something new.
It's a Lipstick this time, my second one to be correct :)

-3 rec. Areas; Shine, Cracks and Base Colour
-fully handpainted texture
- recommended in strong, subtle colours


Skin by S-Club; Earrings by AstraSims3; Eyes by Elexis; Eyeshadow by Me; Blush by Gosik; Hair by Pretty Lady Babies

(Cas Thumbnail)

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Flower Child - an Accessory Set by WhiteCrow

Skintone by Ephemera; Brows by Missdaydreams; Hair by PeggyZone/ReisEdit; Eyes by tifa; Lashes by S-Club; Eyeshadow by Gosik



Omg, I like these so much. *.*
And they're much low poly then my last accessoires.

-Teen to Elder
-Necklace category
-NO MORPHS (You won't be able to use it on fat sims)
-Polycount: 864


-Teen to Elder
-Earring category
-No morphs (as not required)
-Polycount: 1456

Both items come in 3 rec. Areas and are fully recolorable/patternable

I hope you like these as much as i do. :D

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Sheer Eyebrows - by WhiteCrow

Skintone by NV (V.07); Hair by NewSea/Simmerstore; Eyeliner by Gosik; Nose highlighter and eyebags by Tifa

Hey, hey.

Yes, I am still living on this planet, but frankly only for some days now. :)

I've made new eyebrows, i hope you like them, i find them very realistic.

-New eyebrows for teen~elder
-both gender
-fully handpainted texture

Goodbye. (:

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New Sim Ana-Maria Akita by Serafina Campbell

Good afternoon my beloved readers, so after one month of silence and inactivity, I have finally made a new creation. This time it's a female sim model. You can use her to advertise your products and creations, for example you have a new piece of clothes which you want to advertise but you are not satisfied with your own model, then Ana-Maria Akita is the perfect solution for you.

 Her main role is to be a model but of course you can do whatever you want with her in your game, as long as you don't break my policy. 

Do not copy, use as a base for your other sims or claim as your own. For any permissions you need contact us through email. 


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