First posepack 'Cara Delavingne' by Tia

Hello simmers!
Here is my first posepack called 'Cara Delavingne'!Yea,she is my favourite model and I maked 3 poses based on her everyday poses :) I started making poses 2 days ago and I'm proud of what I've  done for these days . I know that those poses are not perfect and the best but this is first try.
And yes,I wanna thanks for help Alexandra Adrianna Stan,Jassi Monroe & Amelie April Evergreen!

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Tina Douty by Alexandra Stan

Hello simmers, I am so glad to upload a new sim I made a few days ago. Her name is Tina Douty and here is some more information about her.

Name: Tina Douty

Age: 18

Story: Tina is a countryside girl but she always wanted to live in a huge city as LA and NY but she had some difficulties since she was born. People were always laughing at her for her looks and 
unusual style but she got trough all of that and grew up in a wonderful and beautiful lady with huge confidence in herself. Her family is the most important thing to her and she loves freedom and feeling of freedom that is why she became a skydiver. Jumping out of airplanes with just an parachute and feeling the wind makes her the most happy human in the world. To download click on read more!!!

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Angela Carter- new sim by Tia

Hello everyone!This is the first time that I sharing my sim on SirenitySims.
After a long loading and crashing game,here is a new sim!
I really hope you like it!

Name: Angela Carter


Angela is born in a Germany.She was 15 years old when she recognized that she wanna to be a model.

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A little update from Alexandra

Hii simmers, it's actually night here and pretty late but here is some update from me. First I hope you like the new look of the blog because I really worked hard on it, second welcome two new cc creators to our blog Amelie Evergreen and Tia Emeralds. There are also good news from Ella whom I talked to on her rl account. After lots of hesitating she said she will think of coming back to the sims 3 facebook community on summer she explained also why she left. Mainly it's because she wants to be a photographer in real life and the gadget is really expensive, in order to get that her parents have made a goal for her. The goal is of course related to school, her GPA at the end of the year must be 4.00 in order to get all that gadget. I hope she will suceed because I know she is studying a lot and she is a hardworker. As for new sims from me, you probably will see some in soon time.  

▬Love yaa Alex

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Blanca_Diadolf_by_esperanzastan/ Link Fixed

Hey simmers, so I finally made a new sim after a long time. Her name is Blanca Diadolf, she is 22 years old and she was born in Spain but when she was 15 years old she moved to Greece. :)

More info about her biography on my tumblr.


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