Can't Remember To Forget You - Swimsuit


So, for weird reasons i can't explain, i am not able to post things on my simblr anymore.
In this case, if anyone wonders where I've been (Ok, ok, nobody does), i am not on hiatus, neither gave i up on Sims. Lmao.

Have some new Swimsuit inspired by Shakira's sexy Video. :3

(Thaaaaanks so much to Mahogany-Sims for making these pictures for me. I love you, Emily.)

-This swimsuit is recolorable in 3 Areas: The stripes, main and the brooch
-Swimwear category only, because it obviously is for swimming and that's why it should be in swimwear category only!

Bye for now. Enjoy the rest of your easter bunny stuff.

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