Hello and welcome to our blog. Sirenity Sims has been established 23 August 2012.
We create sims, houses, clothes, poses and sets for your sims.
If you want to request any of the custom content that we create send us an e-mail with the following information.

CC TYPE: choose between sims, houses, clothes, poses and sets
Picture: This should be an example picture of what would you like to look for example a sim, house etc...
Details: You should write here what you want but describe it in details, for example if you want a sim you can tell us what traits to choose, what shall be the color of his/her hair. etc...

TO SEE OUR E-MAIL click on the letter icon in the bottom left corner and an address will appear.

Thank you for your visit.

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  1. Your friend is a thief. She steals my texture. You should know that. It can steal your work and saying that it has created it.


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