Yuki Li by Alexandra Stan

 Oh hii, who is it again?!. Alexandra xD. So I made this sim week ago but the reason why I didn't post it immediately is because I was working on a new look for the blog. I hope you like it. What I am bringing you  today is my first manga sim. She isn't completely perfect but for my first try I would say I am pleased. Maybe her lips are a bit too wide but oh well, I still like her and I hope you do too.

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'Highschool' Swimsuit


This is WhiteCrow, i moved to this blog now since the adminstrators ( which are also good friends of mine ) asked me to join.
This is much more fun then creating all alone on my old blog.

Today, I bring you a new Outfit inspired by Nicki Minajs song 'Highschool'. XD

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First couple by Tia

Heeeeeeeeeelo simmmers!Today I realised that I finally have an a own style for creating simies.
They are realistic (I think) xD So you like it or it's better to switch to something dollie? :P
BTW,here is my new and first couple?You like them :3

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Amelie Landscape Series

Hey everybody!
It's Amelie here, again :P But with some paintings this time. hehe xD There is 6 in the pack, I called it the Landscape Series... anyways here you go xD

(Picture was edited)

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Awesome news,read! :)

Hello simmers!I
We got some news for you! I & Alexandra are thinking about a new CC creator for page (clothing,make-up,retexturing) because we have only poses,sims and houses...And we found a really good person for it...
What you think who it is?
Super-amazing White-Crow Sims!Wish him a huge welcome to our site.
You probably know who it is,but you can see some examples of his work:

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Fashion Poses By Amelie

Hi guys!
I'm here with my first post, so excited. It's some poses. I called them fashion poses, there are six in the pack :) I hope you like them! I'm still pretty new at pose making, so they are not super good. The model I used was Nadia Filmore, from Platinum Models an agency on facebook.

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Mariah Waugh by Tia Emeralds

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Yes you heard well, I'll be doing extreme photo editing tutorial. It's not for experts it's for intermediate users but by extreme I meant changing everything about a picture, it's colors, shadows, lights.... Everything, stay tuned. I won't be posting any simmies soon as I am using windows 7 now, I used windows xp earlier so I'll need sometime to get back my cc. 

▬Alexandra Stan

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Veronica Tokel- new sim by Ella Lutz

Hii simmers, yay i'm alive haha. So I didn't post anything in a loong time because of school and that stuff. Finally, I have find a bit of time for sims! :3
 So I made a new simmy, caled Veronica Tokel. She is quite loner and still trying to fit in.

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Sims 3 Graphics Editing/Speed-up Video by Alexandra Stan *VIDEO*

Hello simmers, I am finally uploading this video. This isn't a tutorial so don't ask me why there aren't any steps explained, this is just a speed-up video on how do I edit my own pictures. You will see that I used only two shading layers but that's because I didn't want to overreact with them, sometimes I make up to 30 layers depending on what I want to achieve. 

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Sandra Mize by Tia Emeralds

Hello simmers!Today I realize that my game is faster with a lot of CC than without CC. :P
I hope you are like my new sim.And yes,the new posepack will be shared soon! :)

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Rene Hills by Alexandra Stan

Hii simmers, so I didn't post anything in a week because my game has been crashing and I had to delete some of my cc. Finally, today my game worked just fine and I made a new simmy YAY ^_^.

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