Serena Reynolads

Serena Reynolads by Alexandra Stan.

Well here's my new sim, I hope you like her.

BIO: Serena Reynolads is a Chinese looking sim born in USA but her parents are from China. As a little child she has lived on a farm and she's deeply connected to animals. She loves nature and spending her time outside. When she was 18 she decided to become a model and here she is 4 years later. Now she is a Model that has won the world with her beauty and personality.

Credits: Hair by newsea, Eyes by orangesims. eyelashes by lemonleaf, earrings by lemonleaf, shoes by MrAntoniedu and lip-gloss by lemonleaf. I can't remember who created the dress but who ever did I appreciate it. :)


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I am backk

Oh haii, I haven't been active on the blog. Yeah I didn't just when I opened it, I stopped making sims. Ella's not active so, I'll have to do things on my own. In any case I just wanted to let you know that I'll be uploading new sims soon and houses :*. 

Love Alex. 

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