Notorious - Sculpted Mesh Dress

 Hello again :)

I was messing around with Milkshape in the last two weeks. This is the final product - a meshed dress. I made it out of a sphere and 3 cylinders. The Polycount is pretty low O_O I think i did something wrong with it xD

Anyways, after hours of fixing and moving and scaling and assigning and and and, i am glad how it turned out.
It is pretty much morphable, but i don't recommend going to far with ass and tit sliders. It may happens that a nipple or buttock shows up. So keep it cool, kids!

I still could not get 4 channels to work. I'm sorry. The textures aren't the smexiest also, but i am learning, and in my opinion it's quite decent.

Uv Mapping

I hope y'all like it and stuff!

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