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Hi simmers!How are you?
I  made two new sims.I was thinking about puting sims for adoption.So,only one person will have that sim.Condition is that you need to make facebook or twitter account for them.You don't need to give credits to me instead of someone ask you where you get sim.
Is this worth?Not every sim will be able for adoption.
But,I really starting thinking about to stop making sims.Why?
Does anyone download sims?Why people need them?
And I think that peoples don't appreciatie my and other creators fine work.Some people what are popular make really not-special sims but everyone comment they are amazing and special.I'm a little bit tired of that.
MySims3Blog doesn't want to share any of our creations.They maybe think they are bad,but on MySims3blog I can find ''worsest work than our''.
I don't know.Maybe I switch to  poses only :/
Tell me simmers,what to do now?Does anyone download my sims and for what?
Big thanks to Sims3Updates for sharing CC from SirenitySims

Trinity - available for adoption
 Tom - available for adoption

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Random Posepack by Ella Lutz

Hiii people of internet how are you doing!? Well, I knoOow that i was not very active because of school..well its exam season...But, yeah, I'm here now and I'm bringing you my first posepack ever! I  have worked hard on it and I can say that am quite proud. In posepack are included 7 poses, pose list compatible ,and yeah, i think the title say it all!

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14 Days Of Hair Retextures Day 2 - Newsea's Badger Game

Hey everybody! :)

Day 2 is here! :D Yayyyy! Hahahaha xD Today's retexture is Newsea's Badger Game :) I forgot to make a pic with the front and the back together, and since I'm in a hurry to upload this... I'll just show you the horrible unedited screenies :) Anyways, I hope you like it :)

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About Amelie's 14 Days Of Retextures

Heya guys! :) So starting tommorow, aka Monday... I'll be uploading new hair retextures everyday for 2 weeks. All of them are Newsea meshes, some new and some old. You'll be seeing a lot of retextures just saying, haha. Anyways, on the 15th day I'll upload a file with all 14 retextures in it :) Tommorow's retexture is Newsea's Climax :P See you then :)

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Tanya Donalds by Alexandra Adrianna Stan

So, umm I have no idea how to start this post  but oh well let's just say Hello.

So, Hello simmers!?. Here is Tanya Donalds, new sim I made today. I haven't been active this past few weeks because I am busy with school and exams, yaa know school is well just school. Apart from that I was working on my photography+editing+sim making skills and when I saw some progress I decided to make and finally upload a new sim.

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Come & Get It - Dress with transparent skirt

Hey. :D

I saw a lot of people doing transparency on their Items, so did i.
It was totally hard to figure out the technique, i found a tutorial on the ModTheSims forums but it didn't worked out with the new Version of the Workshop! *roll*

-New Dress in 3 rec Areas
-Mesh by Me
-Non-recolorable belt
-Parts were handpainted, new Uv-Map
-Shader by Simlicious (used with permissions!)

I am totally new with things like Uv-Mapping - the skirt came out good, but there's a small mistake on the back of it, it will look a little bit stretched with patterns. But you won't mind since nobody's perfect, huh? :D

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Clarissa Dumps by Tia

Hello simmers!
Sorry for not sharing sims and poses.I haved some problems in real life.Now all is fixed .It was soo hard to be without community,Alexandra,The Sims 3 and Sirenity Sims.Now I'm back and I hope you will like my new sim Clarissa.I stepped out from realistic for one time.

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Newsea Bittersweet hair retexture by Amelie

Hey there peeps :) I'm bringing you my second retexture today :) Yay! :) I really like this texture, makes the hair super shiny :) I'll probably use it from now on xD Haha xD Anyways, it's Newsea Bittersweet, I love this hairstyle. Enjoy xD

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Newsea Shaine Retextured By Amelie

Hey guys, today I bring you guys a hair retexture! Yay! :) It's my first retexture ever, so it's probably not that good. Haha xD Anyways, it's Newsea Shaine. Enjoy xD

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Lehandra Swift by Sonia Mihajlovic *BASE_USABLE*

Hi everyone, I decided to use my rl last name as my creator name so now I am Sonia Mihajlovic (I was Alexandra Stan before). This was my 300th follower gift on tumblr.What I bring you today is this wonderful young lady, her name is Lehandra Swift. You can use her as a model for your creations just give credits to this blog in particularly. She is really different from any sims I have evr made and I am in love with her face.

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The Sunset Series by Amelie

Hey guys!
Today I bring everybody some more paintings. I feel they're better than the last ones, and there is more of them in the series. :) The theme I choose today was orange sunsets. I hope you like them. :)

(Picture was edited)

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