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Hey simmers!
I left the community before maybe 6 months and now I decided to come back! I will try to make my CC look better and have more quality and I want to learn to make more types of CC for TS4. Also, I will make CC only for TS4.So, the first creation are jeggins (jeans + leggins ). I hope you like them! :)

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I'll try to keep up..


I see, this is coming a little late.
Looks like I'm the only creator left here. I used to have contact through my Simbook Account, but each one of the others got disabled or left for having no interest in sims anymore. I really can't tell if they come back with TS4, but I of course will go on.

I am currently trying to get my game fixed (weird error showing up) and waiting for the new TSRW to come out, so I can go on with making stuff since ColorMagic is being a meanie beanie to me :(


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