Kaeru Joshida by Serafina T. Campbell

Hello simmers, so I haven't been active this months at all. Well it is because big changes happened to me in real life and sim life. I left sims 3 facebook community, stayed in sims 3 tumblr community and joined twitter to share news with everyone. Mainly, the biggest reason why I have been inactive is because I am preparing a huge set of sims+one pose pack. It is really tiring. I also started a legacy yesterday, so I play my game more than creating stuff. In the mid time here is a simmie I created 2 weeks ago. Her name is Kaeru and she is somewhat Chinese&Japanese inspired sim.

 This two last pictures represent one of my poses. :D

So this is all from me for today. Comment, share your opinion with me and request something if you want.

P.S If you haven't noticed we have a new fresh look for the blog. Hope you like it.

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Do not copy, use as a base for your other sims or claim as your own. For any permissions you need contact us through email. :)

▐▬▬▬▬CC Used on the picture▬▬▬▬▐
▐ Eyebrows by S club privee                      
▐ Skin by Aphriditeisimmoral(Albino*)
▐ Lipstick by Tifa
▐ Hair Retexture by mochilyn (sadly she left so I can't link you)


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14 Days Of Hair Retextures Day 1 - Newsea Climax

Hey guys! :)

Today marks the start of the next 2 weeks. Haha xD So I'm bringing you Newsea's Climax :) It's so pretty  that I couldn't resist retexturing it :) I think it's a great hair for day 1 :D I'm still to lazy to take multiple pictures of my retextures so I'm just providing a front and a back side. Tehe. Anyways, I hope your like it :D

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Eyeshadow No.8


So i made a new eyeshadow.
It's probably not the number 8 but i never counted. XD

It's looking really soft and best in bright colors, just like all of my eyeshadows, lol. I should probably try something more diffucult...next time (or next, next time). ;)

-new Eyeshadow in 3 rec. Areas
-use a darker color for the base and something bright for the top and the liner
-1024x1024 Texture
-no HQ-Mod was used in the presentation (Just felt like saying it because people ALWAYS bother me with that Question, duh.

I hope you enjoy! *-* XD

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