New Afro-American couple by Ella lutz

Okay guuys, this time I’m bringing you an couple! They are both african-american origins. Take good care with them!

#Name: Kaira Kot

*Age :21

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Faith Roney by_andreasdreamsimblr

Hey there, thank you all so much for following me, this is my 200th follower gift part 1, I’ll upload part 2 later.
This time I created this really charming young lady Faith Roney. :)


Traits: Good, Grumpy,  Bookworm;▬Favroite Food: Fruit Parfait;▬Favroite Music:Classic;▬Astrological Sign:

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The Tropical Modern Mix House

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Clementine Hick, new sim by Ella Lutz!

Okay guys it's time for new sim! She is and blond cute girl with blue eyes and slim body. Hope you like her!

*Name: Clementine Hick


*Traits: Actually I didn’t put her traits so you can do it how you want.

*CC: hair  and skin.
Other CC included.


Happy simming and blogging!

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