3 cool texture lipsticks by Mademoiselle Barbara

Hi guys!I made some new lipsticks...I'm very sastified with these and I hope you will be to.
These are:Chess Table,Flower,Hazard Stripes.
If you have any problems with them comment here and I'll help you.
Please, do not claim as yours.

-mirror link-

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SGL Lipstick by Mademoiselle Barbara

Package file


I have some problems with my game and it doesn't want to render correctly and to high quality.The thing is that this lipstick looks good even in ultra-bad graphic settings.

(Click on picture for download)

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BASE USABLE SIM by Mademoiselle Barbara

                                     BASE USABLE SIM


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Hi simmers !

I'm so sorry for that I'm not active...So let me explain everything...
I have so much to do in school that sometimes I can't even log in here,on facebook or on tumblr...
Second thing was,I finally got some time and I made lipstick...So I tried it in game and nothing was showing ... So I think I need to ask someone who is professional to help me with that thing >.<
And than,I don't have inspiration for other things...The question is what I'm thinking about: Why will someone download sim? xD This is meaning that I'm switching on creating popular people(Lana Del Rey,Justin Bieber etc....)
Also I got some ideas and Serafina&Me are thinking about them....We will release something soon for them.
I also want to learn creating makeup.
And also Serafina&Me made photography page so feel free to check it out and apply If you want :D
We are searching for potential sims ( you can be popular or not,that doesn’t matter so apply)with unique,sexy,sweet etc. sims. (Male and female)


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