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Velvet Moon Eyeshadow

Hello Guys :)

Imma make it short again.
The Idea behind this was to do a more textured Eyeshadow to have more realistic results, i really like how it turned out.
Pasting in a sparkling texture from google was to complicated, so i tried it on my own and found some neat actions and filters in gimp to use for it, took me maybe 10 minutes to figure it out, haha :)

This is my 10th Eyeshadow. I've been doing them for more then one year now and i can't believe that i didn't gave up on making cc yet XD

My Graphics look more detailled also as you can see, i can really recommend S-Club's Hq-Mod!

- 3 rec. Areas
- Looks best with black in the base and something colourful in the second channel, the third channel gives a sparkling effect in white

CC on my Model:
Skintone; Eyes; Lips; Hair; Eyebrows; Blush, Overlay Blush; Jewelry is from S-Club and NataliS

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Newsea J144 Poison Hair Retexture by Serafina T. Campbell

Hello guys, so I was inactive and totally unproductive last week. Well I probably needed a break from the sims 3. Anyways here is my 400th follower gift made for my followers on tumblr whom I decided to post here too. The hair is only available as adjust shine hair because I don't like ea shine, cough, cough.

I hope you love this new hair retextures. Enjoy! ♥ 

Happy simming.

▐▬▬▬▬CC Used on the picture▬▬▬▬▐
▐ Eyelashes by S club privee                      
▐ Skin by S Club Privee All the skins I used on the picture are from S Club Privee)
▐ Lipstick by S Club Privee (No29A and No29B), OrangeSim.
▐ Hair Retexture by me
▐ Top by OrangeSim
▐ Jeans by simslandia (Radical Skinny Jeans)
▐ Eyebrows by Elexis

Do not copy, reupload nor claim as yours. Do not use as a base for your other hair retextures. Any kind of reuploading this creation to any paysites is strictly forbidden.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved


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A little update from Tia Emeralds

Hello dear followers and visitors of our blog.
I hope you still remember who  I am :)
Just a little update from me:

I apply to Miss Europe (facebook editing competition) so I hope they will accept me.If they accept me I think I'll don't have enough time to create simies and poses so I really wish that Alex and you don't be mad at me at that time.
So for that reason I think I'll made 3-4 simies in one week.Also I started some poses but I'm so bad at making pictures of them so I always stop with making them for this reason.
 So this is my ''homework'' for this week:
-Make min.2 simies
-Create posepack (I have idea) and take really good pictures of them :)
-Try to learn hair retexturing... I'll ask  Alex for help :3
-Try to learn lipstick making because I think I can't find  lipsticks like Ines' anymore .Glossy or whatever :)

                                                                                                                             Love ya,Tia

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Pure Undies - Underwear

Hey !

So I haven't made any undies in quite a while, i really don't have the Time to create much CC :/
My Reallife is getting better and i feel that people actually like me XD

Now to the Upload:

-3 rec. Areas
-fully handpainted

I made some more Pictures this Time, i hope that you like them :D

CC i used:
Hair by Cazy, NewSea/SjokoSims; Skintones by S-Club Priveé; Shoes from Simsimay; Nails by Pralinesims; Make-Ups are mostly by Tifa, Gosik and Me.

Enjoy !

(Click on the picture to download)

Do not copy, reupload or claim as yours. Reuploading to any paysites is strictly forbidden.

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Adrianna Sidol- New sim by Ella Lutz

Hii simmers,how are yyouu? So I didn't post anything in a loong time because i was on vacation and that stuff. Finally, I have find a bit time for sims! :3
So I made a new simmy, caled Adrianna Sidol, hope you like her! ^_^

*Name: Adrianna Sidol,
*Age: 20
*Traits: As usually i have not put her traits, so you can do it how you want! 

SKIN (HOT Edition)
Other CC's are included in download.

Do not copy, use as a base for your other sims or claim as your own. For any permissions you need contact us through email. :)




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Newsea J148 Hair Retexture by Serafina T. Campbell

Hello guys, simmers, sims addicted people. This is my first proper hair retexture ever and I know it is not the best and not even close to perfect but I still love it, as it was pain in the ass to learn how to make the control. Basically it has normally 3 channels, red,blue and green one. This is adjust-shine version obviously, I don't like EA one so I am not going to make any.

I hope you like it. Also, I'll try to learn how to reduce the polycount but I am still quite a beginner at this so I can't promise anything.

▐▬▬▬▬CC Used on the picture▬▬▬▬▐
▐ Eyelashes by S club privee                      
▐ Skin by Sugar Rush
▐ Lipstick by Pralinesims
▐ Hair Retexture by me

Credits: Awt's adjust shine control, texture by Pooklet.


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How to edit sims 3 pictures tutorial

So, few days ago I was asked on my tumblr if I could make an editing tutorial on how I edit my pictures. I already have one speed up video tutorial but today I am going to explain everything in details. *I've changed a bit the way I edit so....

Umm, so before we start I want to make a few things straight and clear. I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended. Yes, I know it costs a lot but I got it for free, I have windows 7 operating system, it works for windows xp too because I had windows xp before windows 7 and that was about 2 months ago when I rebooted my system to windows 7.  Here are the links to the tutorials on how to get Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for free:
Windows 7, XP, Vista version: here *IMPORTANT- If you are using win7 be sure to know whether you have win7 32 bit or 64 bit operating system, you can check that by right clicking on my computer and a window with specifications will appear. From there you should be able to find it.
MAC version: here

Before you continue reading this tutorial you should know that it is really long. The tutorial itself contains 30 detailed&explained steps, so it is your choice. :)

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