A little update from Tia Emeralds

Hello dear followers and visitors of our blog.
I hope you still remember who  I am :)
Just a little update from me:

I apply to Miss Europe (facebook editing competition) so I hope they will accept me.If they accept me I think I'll don't have enough time to create simies and poses so I really wish that Alex and you don't be mad at me at that time.
So for that reason I think I'll made 3-4 simies in one week.Also I started some poses but I'm so bad at making pictures of them so I always stop with making them for this reason.
 So this is my ''homework'' for this week:
-Make min.2 simies
-Create posepack (I have idea) and take really good pictures of them :)
-Try to learn hair retexturing... I'll ask  Alex for help :3
-Try to learn lipstick making because I think I can't find  lipsticks like Ines' anymore .Glossy or whatever :)

                                                                                                                             Love ya,Tia

Hello, I am Milica(more known under my sim name Serafina). I am 16 years old and addicted to the sims 3 game. Most of the time, I create sims, hair retextures, studios, houses and sometimes poses. If you have any questions or requests ask in the section "Ask here" or through our email.

Hi simmmers, my name is Azra(Ella). I am sims 3 sim and pose creator. Hope you like my creations.

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