Young, perspective and ambitious guy from USA. He creates everything, from hair retextures to clothes, from sims to make up. Everything your heart and soul would strive for, but how does it feel to be him? It's a secret he'll never tell.    Visit him here (x).

Hello everyone, welcome to my little sims 3 place. My name is Barbara Chanel, most of you know me as Tia but I wanted a fresh new start, got a new sim... I am 15 years old, girl&simmer, fashion addicted. My favorite sims 3 custom content designers are Rusty Nail, Orange Sims, JS Sims and Tifa.
Currently working for Sirenity Sims and SColumn ( As you can already guess, I love blogging and I am myself not just a sims 3 custom content creator but and a reporter. I'd recommend you to visit both my blogs, specially SColumn as it is new and inovative and different from the rest. So, if you are a reader who likes entertaining posts aside some sims 3 freebies and cc in the same time, give SColumn a chance.
My music taste is very specific and my favorite singers are Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray.
xoxo B.Chanel

A man with a golden heart and unbreakable will. (He had fought against lions and won xD ) Stefan is just a guy from Germany who likes to talk a lot xD. He creates clothes, hair retextures and make up. Very funny person and a shoulder to cry on. He never leaves his friends and stays true to them until the very end.

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