Serena Reynolads

Serena Reynolads by Alexandra Stan.

Well here's my new sim, I hope you like her.

BIO: Serena Reynolads is a Chinese looking sim born in USA but her parents are from China. As a little child she has lived on a farm and she's deeply connected to animals. She loves nature and spending her time outside. When she was 18 she decided to become a model and here she is 4 years later. Now she is a Model that has won the world with her beauty and personality.

Credits: Hair by newsea, Eyes by orangesims. eyelashes by lemonleaf, earrings by lemonleaf, shoes by MrAntoniedu and lip-gloss by lemonleaf. I can't remember who created the dress but who ever did I appreciate it. :)


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I am backk

Oh haii, I haven't been active on the blog. Yeah I didn't just when I opened it, I stopped making sims. Ella's not active so, I'll have to do things on my own. In any case I just wanted to let you know that I'll be uploading new sims soon and houses :*. 

Love Alex. 

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Willow Tonsi new Chinese Accent sim

Hello There, I am very excited to present you my first sim available for download.

Her name is Willow Tonsi. She has Chinese look accent and is perfect for all kind of things, as modeling, editing or just simply playing with her.

Warning: Do not modify this sim or claim as yours,

Skin by s club privee
Eyes by lemonleaf
lipslider here

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