Notorious - Sculpted Mesh Dress

 Hello again :)

I was messing around with Milkshape in the last two weeks. This is the final product - a meshed dress. I made it out of a sphere and 3 cylinders. The Polycount is pretty low O_O I think i did something wrong with it xD

Anyways, after hours of fixing and moving and scaling and assigning and and and, i am glad how it turned out.
It is pretty much morphable, but i don't recommend going to far with ass and tit sliders. It may happens that a nipple or buttock shows up. So keep it cool, kids!

I still could not get 4 channels to work. I'm sorry. The textures aren't the smexiest also, but i am learning, and in my opinion it's quite decent.

Uv Mapping

I hope y'all like it and stuff!

Hello, I am Milica(more known under my sim name Serafina). I am 16 years old and addicted to the sims 3 game. Most of the time, I create sims, hair retextures, studios, houses and sometimes poses. If you have any questions or requests ask in the section "Ask here" or through our email.

Hi simmmers, my name is Azra(Ella). I am sims 3 sim and pose creator. Hope you like my creations.


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