First posepack 'Cara Delavingne' by Tia

Hello simmers!
Here is my first posepack called 'Cara Delavingne'!Yea,she is my favourite model and I maked 3 poses based on her everyday poses :) I started making poses 2 days ago and I'm proud of what I've  done for these days . I know that those poses are not perfect and the best but this is first try.
And yes,I wanna thanks for help Alexandra Adrianna Stan,Jassi Monroe & Amelie April Evergreen!

They are:
CC used on pictures:
Boots - Jasumi
T-shirt - In3s
Skin - Lemonleaf
Lipstick - Praline Sims
Eyelashes - S-Club Privee

I didn't use notebook,magazine and I don't know what is in Cara's hand on last pic.
But I found some CC on google which will be helpful if you download these poses.

 Pose 1 - handbag
Pose 2 - I didn't find any magazines for hand,so you will need to do it manually in GIMP,PS or some other graphic editor.
Pose 3 - Same like a pose 2

Not support a Pose list 


Pose 1 - a_sirenitysims1
Pose 2 - a_sirenitysims2
Pose 3 - a_sirenitysims3


You need to put packages to the:
The Sims 3>Mods>Packages

When you go in game,click on Pose Player>Pose by name>than you need to type one of names  and the pose will show off on your sim.

                                                                  (mirror link)          


If you have any problems while downloading or other about poses,contact me or comment here.

Hello, I am Milica(more known under my sim name Serafina). I am 16 years old and addicted to the sims 3 game. Most of the time, I create sims, hair retextures, studios, houses and sometimes poses. If you have any questions or requests ask in the section "Ask here" or through our email.

Hi simmmers, my name is Azra(Ella). I am sims 3 sim and pose creator. Hope you like my creations.


  1. They're very nice for your first poses. Can't wait to see more :)

  2. Really!Thanks .. It's means me a lot! <3 <3

  3. Tia they are very nice and beautiful for first poses, I agree with WhiteCrow sims. :)

  4. So sweet *_*
    Could you tell me where are these pants used on the sim from?

    1. Oh.Thanks! <3
      Hmmm...I get them with the sim I downloaded a 1 month ago.I will try to find them and I will send you a link :) :D

    2. Hmmm.I think that they are from
      or by Ella Lutz's Afro-american couple :)
      If not than they are from Chadd Fuchs (simslandia) . Not directly,you get the 'mesh' with the pants :) Maybe :D :3


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