3 New Hair Retextures+One more present for 1 year anniversary by Serafina Campbell (Link Fixed)

Good evening everyone, so today is 1 year anniversary of our blog. Though, we started to be active just 4 months ago, this blog was founded 23rd of August 2012. I can't even believe how many things have changed. So, as the tittle says, I am bringing you 3 hair retextures but I wanted to start with my present. Hmm, so this India Lawrence, and she is one of my master pieces. So, yeah you are lucky to have her. I feel so emotional for giving her in public but I guess she deserves this spotlight.

Story: "India Lawrence is 19 years old,  daredevil, computer whiz and a hacker woman. She does not have a job but she earns money from babysitting and her online website. Even though she is a good looking woman she has no interest in any serious relationship with guys at the moment. Her main goal is to become a successful young woman and she has already made the first step by getting in The Harvard. Currently she lives in Mumbai but her dream has always been to live in NewYork, Los Angeles,  London..."

Custom Content used: │Skin │ │Hair│ │Eyes│ │3D Eyelashes│ │Eyebrows│ │Blush│ │Lipstick│ │Dress

(Main link has been fixed, however that's why we always put mirror links to our downloads just in case something goes wrong.)

And here are the hair retextures, so one is from skysims and the other two are from newsea.
Before I start, I just want to give credits to awt's adjust shine action, pooklet for textures and anubis for the control.

Thank you, Serafina Campbell.

To download  click on the box images.

Hello, I am Milica(more known under my sim name Serafina). I am 16 years old and addicted to the sims 3 game. Most of the time, I create sims, hair retextures, studios, houses and sometimes poses. If you have any questions or requests ask in the section "Ask here" or through our email.

Hi simmmers, my name is Azra(Ella). I am sims 3 sim and pose creator. Hope you like my creations.


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