Gem Eyeliner

Not Gema, no.


How's everyone this friday? I, by myself, enjoy the rest of the day at home, 'cause I have a job. And, no, by job I don't mean helping rude Anons to download my files. I downgraded to MediaFire again; less money for me, but easier downloading for you :P

I hope you all enjoy this eyeliner :D

This one comes in 8 colors and is a standalone Item in CAS.

(missed blogging with huge letters.. lol.)

Jeggins | TS4 | Mademoiselle Barbara

Hey simmers!
I left the community before maybe 6 months and now I decided to come back! I will try to make my CC look better and have more quality and I want to learn to make more types of CC for TS4. Also, I will make CC only for TS4.So, the first creation are jeggins (jeans + leggins ). I hope you like them! :)

I'll try to keep up..


I see, this is coming a little late.
Looks like I'm the only creator left here. I used to have contact through my Simbook Account, but each one of the others got disabled or left for having no interest in sims anymore. I really can't tell if they come back with TS4, but I of course will go on.

I am currently trying to get my game fixed (weird error showing up) and waiting for the new TSRW to come out, so I can go on with making stuff since ColorMagic is being a meanie beanie to me :(


New Hair Retextures + Hairline Blush

Newsea Hush Baby and Newsea Nightwish: I removed the bangs of both hairstyles and lowered them a little bit. The Nightwish will stick into your sims’ boobies if they’re a little lush. Textures by Deviant Kitten
Hairline Blush: Nothing much to add. I wanted one that had more detailled roots so yabba dabba do y’all XD Alpha Texture by Butterflysims and Texture by Deviant Kitten.
Download (Click the blue button below the download counter when you reached file-upload. Thanks!)

Notorious - Sculpted Mesh Dress

 Hello again :)

I was messing around with Milkshape in the last two weeks. This is the final product - a meshed dress. I made it out of a sphere and 3 cylinders. The Polycount is pretty low O_O I think i did something wrong with it xD

Anyways, after hours of fixing and moving and scaling and assigning and and and, i am glad how it turned out.
It is pretty much morphable, but i don't recommend going to far with ass and tit sliders. It may happens that a nipple or buttock shows up. So keep it cool, kids!

I still could not get 4 channels to work. I'm sorry. The textures aren't the smexiest also, but i am learning, and in my opinion it's quite decent.

Uv Mapping

I hope y'all like it and stuff!

Can't Remember To Forget You - Swimsuit


So, for weird reasons i can't explain, i am not able to post things on my simblr anymore.
In this case, if anyone wonders where I've been (Ok, ok, nobody does), i am not on hiatus, neither gave i up on Sims. Lmao.

Have some new Swimsuit inspired by Shakira's sexy Video. :3

(Thaaaaanks so much to Mahogany-Sims for making these pictures for me. I love you, Emily.)

-This swimsuit is recolorable in 3 Areas: The stripes, main and the brooch
-Swimwear category only, because it obviously is for swimming and that's why it should be in swimwear category only!

Bye for now. Enjoy the rest of your easter bunny stuff.

Realistic lipstick 04 by Mademoiselle Barbara

Hello,simmers...I'm back. :-)
The school is very hard at this time so I hope you'll forgive me.

I made another realistic lipstick and it's not recolorable so if you want and know how to,you can make it recolorable and share it but give credit to me for texture.Preview image is awful but I'm not good at creating
previews . -.-

background texture medium quality,gloss high quality.

Please do not copy, reupload or claim as yours. 

                                                  ★Barbara Chanel

Sims 3 Tutorial-How to convert sims3packs to package files

Hey guys, I haven't been really active these few months on this blog. I apologize for that, the fact is that I am full of ideas but short with time but after 4 days of having trouble with making this tutorial I was finally able to finish it.

So, this tutorial is for beginners or amateur simmers, it explains how to convert your .sims3pack to .package files step by step. Honestly, I have seen a few tutorials on this topic on youtube but none of them really showed the whole principle and idea of converting your .sims3pack files to .package files and I thought it was a time for me to make my own.

I was kind of nervous during the tutorial because this is my first time I am actually recording my voice. Please watch the tutorial in HD version.

If you have any questions, just comment! I am going to try to respond you as soon as possible.


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